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About us

A few years ago, I wanted to attend my college reunion and I needed something stylish to wear. You know, dress to impress. I jumped from website to website and couldn´t find anything to suit me. So, I made a list of qualities of exactly what I was looking for:


  1. Essential. I wanted fundamental pieces that were comfortable and ready to wear.

  2. Versatile: I needed clothes and accessories that I could integrate into my current wardrobe.

  3. Sleek: I wanted cominbations that would make me look stylish but not over the top.


To my surprise, this turned out to be quite a struggle. There had to be a better way to compose a wardrobe. So, I turned over a decade of design experience and a passion for fashion into a new brand: Aesthetic Structure.


Aestethic Structure is a brand with core values that contain the three principals in my checklist. Every single item we create executes them to perfection.


With Aethestic Structure, you will always look great wearing any of our garments and accessories. Complement your wardrobe and experience it for yourself.